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Cultural Rights and Strategies for Sudan and S. Sudan During War


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Action for Hope, in collaboration with UNESCO (Aschberg Programme) and Stichting DOEN Foundation, announced the start of the application process for participation in a training workshop designed for artists and cultural managers from Sudan and South Sudan.
The workshop focuses on cultural rights and strategies to protect them during periods of war and crises.
Action for Hope said that the applicant must be involved in the cultural field and committed to cultural rights and raising awareness about them, and should have a minimum of 3 years of experience in the fields of culture and arts , besides,Proficiency in the Arabic language, Microsoft Office programs, and internet research is required , asserting that the applicant also must be from Sudan or South Sudan .
” full commitment to the workshop schedule, ability to work within a group, priority will be given to residents within the countries of Sudan and South Sudan “,Action for Hope said .

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