Industry Emergency Plan Implemented

Sudan Events – Rehab Abdullah

Member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General, Engineer Ibrahim Jabir, renewed the government’s keenness to overcome the obstacles and problems facing the industrial sector during the coming period.
During his meeting with the Minister of Industry in charge today (Tuesday) in his office in Port Sudan, he reviewed the emergency plan for the industrial sector and the challenges facing the sector as well as discussing arrangements for moving factories from Khartoum State to safer states.
The Acting Minister of Industry, Mahasin Ali Yaqoub, announced about a plan for the industrial sector for the post-war period to rehabilitate factories that were destroyed due to the war, pointing to the start of implementation of the emergency plan.
The Minister said industry is the basic pillar of development, adding that, “All the affected factories in the states will be operated and the problems and obstacles they face will be solved to provide basic commodities to citizens.”
The focus will also be on agricultural manufacturing and all industries with a comparative advantage in the states, in addition to facilitating procedures for granting land to establish factories in the states.

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