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Woman Declared Clinically Dead, Wakes Up

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A woman in the US has shared her near-death experience after losing consciousness for 24 minutes. Author Lauren Canaday was declared “clinically dead” after her heart stopped beating. She was resuscitated after nearly half an hour and said she lost the memory of the past week after waking up. Ms Canaday revealed all this during an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session currently blowing up on Reddit. The woman said she was rushed to hospital and remained in coma for two days before waking up.

“I went into sudden cardiac arrest at home this past February – my husband called 911 and started CPR. It took 24 minutes for EMTs to resuscitate me. After 9 days in the ICU, I was declared ‘cognitively intact’ and have no visible brain damage on MRIs,” Ms Canaday said in the Reddit post.

In clinical terms, what Ms Canaday experienced Lazarus effect or autoresuscitation. This rare phenomenon occurs when a patient “declared dead from cardiac arrest suddenly shows signs of life,” making it seem like they’ve returned from the dead despite never actually dying.

The most fascinating part of her experience was the feeling of “extreme peace”, which she said stayed with her for a “few weeks upon waking”. She also clarified she didn’t see her life flashing before her eyes – a symptom described by many.

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