Dollar Continues Rising against SDG


Sudan Events – Nahid Oshi

Dollar prices continued to rise at a rapid pace against the Sudanese pound in the official and parallel markets, which reached (1095) pounds. While the official rate ranged between (827 to 950) pounds.
Economists attributed the rise in the dollar to the decline in exports, in addition to the outbreak of war since April 15, which impacted stability, security, and politics.
The trading of the Saudi riyal against the Sudanese pound reached (288.00) pounds
And the UAE dirham (293.00) pounds
And the euro (1130) pounds
The British pound is (1230.00) pounds and the Egyptian pound is (25) pounds.
The Bahraini dinar is 2150 pounds
The Qatari riyal is 291.0 pounds
The Omani riyal is 2120 pound

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