Al-Numair Calls on the Fans to Rally Around Al-Merreikh


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The new president of the Sudanese Al-Merreikh Club, Omar Al-Numair, called on the fans to rally around the club, and indicated that the new administration is all listening.

Al-Numair wrote on his personal page on the social networking platform Facebook on Thursday:

“I extend my deepest thanks, appreciation and gratitude to everyone who contributed to the progress, elevation and renaissance of the great Al-Merreikh Club, especially among them here (the old players), who are the main reason for carrying the club’s name and touring it internally and externally, and they are also the ones who have the upper hand in the club’s progress.

Excellence at the local and continental levels.

And I tell them here; you were for us and for the loyal fans of Al-Merreikh, the symbol and ideal of giving, giving, and good morals. You gave the most and achieved great football glories, under much more difficult circumstances than now, and at a time when football was passion and love before it was a source of earning, and we bear witness that you loved Al-Merreikh Club. And you loved us there, and still doYour vision to this day fills us with enthusiasm, challenge, and achieving championships and victories.

I take this opportunity to invite you once again to rally around the club, and you will find us in the new administration all listening ears. We will benefit from your rich expertise and experiences, link the past with the present, and together we will recall moments of victory and winning cups.

Glory to the great Al-Merreikh !

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