Ghariq Kambal Confirms Agricultural Failure , Sends Urgent Message 

Khartoum – Rehab Abdullah

Deputy Headperson of Sudan Farmers’ Association SFA- Rainy Sector, Gharib Kambal , announced failure of the agricultural season due to responsibility Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim. He stated to him “Sudan Events” on Tuesday accusing the minister of “butchering” the agricultural season added attributed to the minister’s procrastination with the farmers since beginning of the season. So that failed to provide an agreement on amount that Agricultural Bank to finance an amount of 30 billion pounds for Al-Kadeeb ( process of cremoving harmful pushed and weeds before harvest) that has not been realised pointing out aborted efforts of the farmers and the committee to sucseed agricultural season .

He pointed out that farmers planted according to their own savings followed having scarce gasoline, ,large areas of 36 million rain-fed acres were cultivated despite war and suffering. However, he regretted loss of the effort exerted abortion by the Minister of Finance on refusal of paying money to the Agricultural Bank to finance the remaining phases accordingly what was agreed to last meeting in Port Sudan.

Kambal added, “Now there is a delegate from Sudanese Farmers’ Association in Port Sudan to meet the minister, noted to thst the minister will not pay the amount needed to the agriculture this time.”

Kambal sent an urgent message to the Chairman of the Sovereign Council (SC) Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, and SC deputy, Malik Aqar, and the head of the Supreme Committee of Agricultural Season, Governor of Gedaref, that he confirming the Minister of Finance had fired the coup de grace on the agricultural season.

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